Deven Highes—a service champion who knows what Más Heart means

Service Champion Deven Highes donates meal coupons to kids at the Boys and Girls Club.

Ranikka is an RGM that works for Kelly in A19, and she works very hard to create a family environment for those that work for her and those that dine in her restaurant. Ranikka has a contest going each month based on name mentions taken from customer surveys. She gives a $2 Taco Bell coupon to each of her crew members every time they get a name mention. These coupons are usually used by the crew to pay for their lunch or dinner.

Deven, Ranikka’s service champion, has received the most name mentions in all of R4, and he does something very unique with his $2 coupons. Instead of using them for himself, he saves them all and donates meals to the underprivileged kids he works with at the Boys and Girls Club at the end of the period.

“My heart is bursting, and I cannot stop smiling when I think of this young man and how he is helping to impact young kids in such a positive way,” said Deven’s manager. “Deven wasn’t looking for recognition, as this is something he does because that is who he is.”

Deven works extremely hard to receive the $2 off awards. He donated 34 coupons of the 44 he received in period 2, and he plans on collecting 50 or more this period to feed our local homeless shelter.

Congratulations and cheers to both Deven and Ranikka for making such an amazing connection in the McFarland community.